Good Luck Danielle!

Well this is it. Danielle Murray is college-bound, and Mike asked me to post some of his thoughts:

Good bye and good luck to Danielle. We’re losing our manager as she’s already gone and now moved into her dorm for college in Rhode Island. Years ago, Michael Uslan told us, in writing, how special Danielle is.

Danielle & Michael Uslan,  2011

Danielle & Michael Uslan, 2011

Clearly, he was right. Three years after starting high school she’s graduated and now at Johnson and Wales for the Culinary degree in Baking and Pastry Arts.

It’s important to remember that Danielle (and Mike) never show us a time sheet for how long they’ve worked on our orders each month. We’ve had the benefit of a hard working young lady (and Mike) donating her time to our comics when I’m sure there was some fidget-spinning contest (what are teenagers into now?) she would have rather have attended. Thanks for all your hard work, Danielle!


Advance Review – Bloodshot: Salvation

Writer:   Jeff Lemire
Art:  Lewis LaRosa & Mico Suayan
Colors:  Brian Reber
Letters:  Simon Bowland

The constant waffling of Marvel and DC when it comes to publishing orders, stopping & starting a series, and re-stopping & re-starting a series, makes efficiently collecting books nigh impossible. Investing in a particular ongoing can be difficult when you have no idea whether it will be published in four months, or if it will even feature the same characters. Lucky for us, Valiant feels our pain.

The Bloodshot series re-launches under a new subtitle roughly every 25 issues, so Valiant’s repeated series debuts come off more as narrative choices or natural endings/beginnings. Thankfully Jeff Lemire stays on as Bloodshot: Salvation’s scribe following his successful stint writing Bloodshot: Reborn. Art duties are shared by Lewis LaRosa & Mico Suayan, both of whom worked on Reborn as well. Again, consistency is nice.

The main plot is easy to swallow, and at the outset feels uncomfortably familiar to the latest Wolverine film, Logan. A man with anger issues and healing powers granted to him by a secret military operation needs to find a little girl (who also has the same powers) when is taken from him and now he wants her back. Yeesh, that’s like the entire premise of both stories word for word. Thankfully Lemire knows what he’s doing. To make up for the obvious initial plot he gives the reader as little information as possible, and utilizes flashbacks to keep the story moving and worth reading.  I’m under-selling the story here, I think, because I really enjoyed it – however it certainly isn’t something we haven’t seen before. I honestly don’t feel too comfortable discussing plot in any detail, as the only elements that would set the story apart are also spoilers. Then again, it’s an action/revenge tale, and we’ve seen a million of them, the formula is proven, and this book has that formula down and then some.

Now I know what you’re thinking: a gritty, military-based revenge yarn is probably accompanied with a rougher, exaggerated art style and yeah, that’s essentially what Larosa and Suayan bring to the table. For the most part it’s very good, and does a lot to keep the story moving. Every hardboiled grimace is different and vivid, and the characters all seem to visually connect with each other. I’m not much a fan of the colors or the inks, though. There are a few stylistic changes that happen over the course of the story, and the final two thirds of the book are colored and inked in such a way that everything looks muddied and, frankly, kinda cheap. Brian Reber is clearly talented, but all the characters pop from the scene so much that they don’t look like they belong in the world. Perhaps it’s the lack of background detail by the penciler, because sometimes the characters look so out of place it’s as if they were photo shopped into the image. It was probably done intentionally to push the reader through the many exposition panels and better connect with Frank, but it does not look like a high quality product, and drags everything else down a little.

Ultimately Bloodshot: Salvation isn’t the most original book, and the art may be an issue for some readers, but still succeeds as Valiant’s latest offering in the Bloodshot series. Frank is a stilted government killing-machine who earned my sympathy in the first issue, and I now want to see him get revenge, and thanks to Lemire’s careful breadcrumb laying there’s still much to look forward to.

Bloodshot: Salvation #1 hits stands 9/20/17.


Trailer – The Death of Stalin!

While a growing number may lament  every other film hitting screens these days being inspired by comic books there’s still a wealth of untapped stories ready for the Big Screen. Then again, The Death of Stalin isn’t your average superhero popcorn flick.

I’d never heard of the Titan Comics property the film is based off of, but I’m certainly interested. The trailer is quirky and disjointing, presenting a generally gray and stone faced subject matter in and interesting way, and the star-studded cast certainly warrants another look.

Thanks for a Great Boston Comic Con!

MCS had a splendido time at BCC ’17, and hopefully everything will return to normal back at the house once Mike weens himself off that celebrity lifestyle.

Steve A. (visual approximation)

Steve A.
(visual approximation)

We also must thank all of those who participated in the raffle to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children, with special thanks to the winner of said Artist Edition Giveaway raffle: Steve A.! (pictured left).

Let’s hope the nuclear holocaust gets pushed back to September 2018 so we can do this again next year!

Seriously tho.


Ahoy-hoy! It’s that time of year again, when Santa-Mike lugs countless long-boxes to Boston for all the little boys & girls grown men. BCCAd-page-001 Well as you can tell from the flyer above, MCS actually has quite a bit more going on than usual. To start: Mike will be at BCC starting Friday, and he will be selling $5 raffle tickets to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children (Springfield, MA). The lucky (and most importantly, charitable) winner can win any Artists Edition (excluding those that are signed)! Supplies will be limited, but every dollar goes to the cause. Additionally, booth #907 will be home to famed Elfquest co-creator/writer,  Richard Pini from 12pm – 1pm on Saturday! This will be his only appearance at the show, so get your elbows ready to box others out when the time comes!


New (Final?) Defenders Trailer

Call me slow but I only just finished Iron First in preparation for the Defenders the other day. While I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone says, Iron Fist definitely didn’t leave me yearning to see the next chapter.

Luckily Sigourney Weaver is here to draw us back in. A Ghostbusters team-up seems like an odd way to go with the story at this point but at least they won’t have to go outside New York to do so!

Outside of watching the shows leading up to the series I haven’t paid much attention to the surrounding rumor mill, and the trailers for the series so far have been a bit mum on the plot and threat. What we do know is a lot of people appear to get punched in the face a bunch in The Defenders, which tends to be the kind of plot I’m lookin’ for.


MCS Potluck Featuring Elfquest’s Richard Pini

Saturday, June 24th is’s (reminder: get this number from Mike tomorrow)th’s annual*  Potluck. We have the great pleasure of being joined by Richard Pini, so dress nice for once gosh darn it.

The party runs from 11am – 3pm. Please note: at 2pm sharp we will be holding a moment of silence for your waistlines.


*(bi-annual? I think we did it twice once**)
**(“twice once,” does that count as an oxymoron?)

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