Mike is at BCC ’16

Ladies and gentlemen, Boston Comic Con is almost here.

As usual Mike has a booth at the show, which can be found at A219-A222 on the show floor. Also, here’s a map of the show floor so everything I just said makes sense:
BCC2016 EXPOMake sure to drop any large amounts of comics at Mike’s house so he can bring them to the show for you. He loves doing that very much and will thank you for the experience. What a guy!


SDCC ’16 Had Some Cool Stuff

A lot of big things happened at San Diego Comic Con this year, and while there’s entirely too much to discuss right here, there’s juuuuuust enough space for my favorite trailers from the event.

They’re in no particular order. Or maybe they are.  Suspense!

Justice League Action:


Wonder Woman:

The Defenders:


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.32.32 PM

BCC 2016 is Coming

Friendly reminder that the 2016 edition of Boston Comic Con is just over two months away, Friday, August 12th through Sunday August 14th.

The list of artists jam-packed with top-tier talent. A small number of the names that jump out at me are:
Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Mark Waid, Brian Azzarello, Rafael Albuquerque, Amanda Conner, Marv Wolfman, Jae Lee & John Cassaday.

Time to plan ahead!

PS: William Shatner will also be there, for anyone interested in paying to talk to a man who definitely does not want to talk to you. Goose bumps!


Free Comic Book Day is Almost Here!

Love comics? Love free stuff?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, you may leave. Now.

H’okay good, so FCDB is this Saturday and once again we’ll be celebrating with the fine folks at ye olde Greenfield Garden Cinemas. We’ll be viewing Marvel’s latest ‘splosion fest, “Captain America: Civil War.” Movie starts at 8:30am and for $7 you can witness a multi-million dollar display of sound/color, get some refreshments, as well as have the pleasure of our own Kyle McDonald sit in your lap!

Annnnnnnd following the movie we’ll be treated to a menagerie of illustrious guest creators:

Ron Leary Jr.

Michael Kelleher

Mark Masztal

Stephen Murphy

Jim Taylor

All are welcome!

Netflix Finally Making Series for “The Punisher”

If you’re like me, you’re loving Netflix’s Daredevil series. Season one was terrific, season two (thus far) is even better. A big reason for that is the inclusion of the Punisher in season two. He’s interesting on his own, as well as the anti-heroic peanut butter to Daredevil’s chocolate justice.

What took Netflix and Marvel so long to pull the trigger on this?  More importantly, when are we going to get the first season?

Link to the full story here.

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