Terrificon Was a Success!

Terrificon took place at Mohegan Sun this weekend and Mike is happy to report it was a great event.
We hope everyone who went had as much fun as Mike, but if you didn’t it’s probably because you were playing the quarter slots well past the witching hour you don’t have anyone else to blame but yourself. Here’s to the next Terrificon!

Win a Trip to New York Comic Con!

It’s often said New York is the City that Never Sleeps, which is true even if you ignore the thin walls and bevy of homeless with untreated mental issues.

Thankfully you won’t have to deal with any of that rigamarole at NYCC this year if you enter and win this giveaway for a trip & accommodations (and more)!
There are a bunch of different ways to put your name into the proverbial hat, so click that link if you want to travel to the Big Apple in economy style!


Preacher Season 3 is Nearly Upon Us

Over the years many people have claimed to have been blessed with the Word of God, and usually these people are the leaders of not-so-groovy sex cults. Thankfully you don’t need to give up all your earthly possessions and spend your nights in lectures of the moral dangers of shaving one’s legs before the Great Ascension in order to hear the good word, as it will be on basic cable this Sunday.

Few shows seem to have the identity and eye grabbing originality of Preacher (looking at you, Price is Right). But considering Preacher literally has a character with a b-hole for a face, that’s probably fine.


Spider-Man for the PS4 Looks Spectacular

Ever since Spider-Man 2 came out for video game consoles in 2004 Spider-Man games have struggled in quality, ranging anywhere from “Fun for a bit” to “Spider-Man 3 the movie”. This is largely the case for super-hero games a whole as well, with the exception of the incredible Batman Arkham games.

Insomniac Games (who have a reputation for only making great stuff) clearly saw the “fly-around, break some bones, solve a crime and be Batman yay” approach the Arkham series took, and is now applying it to our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is set 8 years into Peter Parker’s spider-career, and by the look of this video Mister Negative, Rhino, Vulture, Electro, & Scorpion among others are all going to be in on the fun and working for a mysterious benefactor (Green Goblin? Ock? Norm from Cheers?). Everything presented in this demo is eye candy and I can’t wait to web-sling around New York come September.


Mike’s Previews Pick o’ the Month!

One thing we all know about Mike is he loves his anthropomorphic characters. Blacksad is always at the top of his list of recommendations, and rumor has it he has a  long-hidden 3rd child that’s half meerkat.
It should be no surprise then that Mike is pumped for Unnatural, which is solicited in this month’s Previews. Will this be another Blacksad? Or merely a Howard the Duck? Mike’s reputation hangs in the balance! Tune in  NEXT TIME on M-C-S!

Terrificon Looms!

Mark your calendars, people! MCS is now a vendor at Terrificon. While I am staunchly against gambling in all its forms (lottery, slots, Yahtzee), this bad boy is going to be at Mohegan Sun, making this the only time you can meet Lou Ferrigno AND gamble away you’re kids’ college savings, naturally followed by supplementing the college savings account with what’s in your Roth IRA so your wife never finds out. Can’t wait for August!

Terrificon.jpg large





People Won Things! (Specifically a tript to SDCC)

Ever wonder if any of those big-time corporate contests ever even actually have a winner?

Turns out Diamond is one of the good ones! Unfortunately, the guy who won  a trip to SDCC was not one of us poor schmucks from Western MA. Still though, maybe we should all be taking those contest emails from Mike more seriously.

If I sound jealous that’s because other people should have less things/luck/happiness than me.


Get ‘im a Body Bag!

Sweep the leg! Third reference!
Man do I love the Karate Kid. I even love the Jaden ‘watch how I can act using only my left eyebrow’ Smith Karate Kid, even despite all the Kung-Fu!
I had no idea this show was in the works, nor do I know anyone who has a Youtube Red subscription. Evidently both of these things are very real, and you should probably subscribe before you get drunk and have night terrors since you’re ultimately the one responsible for the death of your wife and son. Sorry.

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