The New Mutants Trailer!

While the potential Disney buy-out of FOX is terrifying in almost every practical application, it’s also exciting news for X-Men fans who want consistently watchable movies!

Unfortunately The New Mutants wasn’t produced by Marvel Studios, so the proposition is iffy here, especially since Matthew Vaughn isn’t the director. The good news is FOX’s terrible plot hangups around Magneto and Professor X shouldn’t be an issue here. It’ll also just be nice to see an X-Men movie that doesn’t include a Holocaust scene for once!

Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie Trailer!

Miles Morales has always had a steep uphill climb when it comes to replacing Earth 1610′s Peter Parker as Spider-Man, but even after the post-Cataclysm universe cleaning gar-bahjj, he’s still holding his own as the second Spider-Man in New York City.

Franky the animation on this looks aces, and the story seems to be based around the “Spider-Men” storyline, which works for me.

Be Like Mike

Shriners Hospital of Springfield sent Mike and MCS a wonderful thank you certificate in appreciation for Mike’s big donation earlier this year.

It’s a weird concept sometimes that comics are things that should be read and passed along to others, but that’s also how comics can impact people the most sometimes. These fortune cookie feelings make me uncomfortable, so let’s all just thank Mike and not make it weird the next time we see him. Well done!



What Every Collector Should Have on Their Shelf

The Holidays are around the cornered, and that means it’s time for hastily put together lists of stuff you or literally anyone you know might like!

Thankfully, Mike excels in comic book knowledge and lists (writing poems about John Elway came in 3rd), so here are his thoughts on what books are worthwhile additions to your libraries.

  1. Elfquest: The Original Quest, I consider that to be the all around finest story ever crafted.
  2. Stray Bullets, Fits into the crime category but it’s about people. Very simply and beautifully done.
  3. Bone, by Jeff Smith. This changed the face of comics in the Modern Age.
  4. The Ultimates. Just the first 12 issue series. Not only did it lead the charge in making comics real but when you see Samuel Jackson’s face, go back to the indicia page and look at the copyright date in the small print.
  5. Batman: Son of the Demon.
  6. Batman: Ten Nights of the Beast.
  7. Supreme Power, This is the Justice League in the Marvel Universe written by J Michael Straczynski.
  8. Will Eisner’s Contract With God, It’s not anything you’ll look for as a superhero fan but you’ll discover why the most prestigious award in comics is named after this man.
  9. After Death, A Scott Snyder book post Batman (actually during Batman). If you’ve ever suffered a loss this should be very powerful yet it’s slow and will creep up on you.
  10. Bloodshot, Rai, and X-O Manowar from Valiant right now (Harbinger, too). Those are damn good series. Doesn’t hurt that Bloodshot will soon be a movie and you’ll know who he is before that happens.
  11. Preacher, One of my all time favorites. Get past the offensiveness to the search for God. It’s only 56 issues and some specials long.
  12. Blacksad, Imported and translated into English. You’ll never regret it.
  13. Fables, Holy crap your childhood will never be the same.
  14. Thor by Simonson, It encompasses two omnibus’ and it’s the basis for the movies one of which features a cameo by Simonson himself.
  15. Thor by Stracynzski. He left Marvel before he finished his story but it’s still one of the best ever.
  16. Barry Ween, Boy Genius. You will laugh your ass off. It’s definitely not for kids!
  17. Locke and Key, I don’t do horror but this is phenomenal and I’ve rearranged my life’s goals around this.
  18. Maus, preferably complete (it’s two volumes). Based on true history it is the only comic to ever win a Pulitzer Prize.
  19. Rasl, is also based on true history.
  20. Rising Stars, influenced a lot of work, including television, coming after it.
  21. Spider-Man: Fearful Symmetry, Classic. Classic. Classic.
  22. X-Men: Mutant Massacre, A classic that changed the way comics were made.

‘The Boys’ Picked Up by Amazon

A TV version of Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson’s comic series ‘The Boys,’ was picked up by Amazon this week. Frankly I have trouble keeping track of all superhero shows right now, but having never read the series I love the premise. Maybe this is the first Amazon original series that I can stick with. Is The Tick worth watching? It feels like the joke is that he’s dressed like the Tick. I’ll pass I guess.


Bing Con! This Saturday!

Bing Con, everyone’s favorite local comic convention is this Saturday, October 28th! I don’t think I have to tell you how good it is to support your local comics scene, but Halloween is around the corner and you could be kidnapped by an action figure brought to life or something so perhaps it’s best to live those last days to the fullest, yes?

Bing Con, woo!


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