‘The Batman’ Batsuit Revealed – A Fashion Corner

As you probably know by now, there’s a new Batman movie in the works. That sounds like something you could say literally every year since roughly 1988, but any new cinematic iteration of the Batman character seems to grab our attention unlike much else. We’re talking about it now because The Batman‘s director, Matt Reeves just dropped a screen test of the new version of the Batsuit, and suddenly the World World 3 everyone was talking about in January just seems like a bunch of guano.

The cowl appears to be leather, which seems like a bold choice, and Bats now appears to be popping his collar and is giving me Batman #666 vibes. The thing I particularly notice is the armor on the Batsuit, as it is heavily reminiscent of the suit that appeared in Batman Arkham: Origins video game, which was Big Medicine when that game was first released.

Bless me father, for I have never actually seen any of Matt Reeve’s movies. Evidently if you have $200 million to burn for an action movie that will appeal to the mass public, while also earning critical praise, he’s the dude. I was initially horrified at the casting of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne (the aforementioned “Batman”), but that’s only because I donated blood in college and the only movie on the hospital-style television was Twilight – my therapist says that’s why we even have to still see each other. Thankfully my Los Angeles actor friends have patiently and thoroughly explained to me that he’s a tremendous actor, and that definitely wasn’t annoying or took longer than necessary.

I’m also happy about the other big name castings that have been announced so far. Jefferey Wright, Zoe Kravitz, and Colin Farrell are all interesting names for their prescribed roles as Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, and The Penguin, respectively. I’m most thrilled that Paul Dano is playing The Riddler, who is dynamite in anything I’ve ever seen him in. I also believe when The Riddler is done right, he is one of B-man’s best villains, so Dano’s casting is doubly exciting. Here’s hoping.

PS: Is that the new theme that we’re hearing in the background? I could get behind that.


The First Black Widow Trailer Just Dropped

Between the releases of Frozen 2: the Coldening, and Star Wars Epidode IX you know Disney had to throw out a shiny new trailer to grab your eye-balls by the …balls. Anyhoozle, that’s totally what happened and boy do I have thoughts and feelings aboot it.

Thoughts: Coulda sworn Red Guardian was supposed to be the bad guy

Feelings: I’m uncomfortable with how they’re depicting Taskmaster as the MCU’s answer to original Green Power Ranger. It’s a proven formula that peeps with skulls for faces are cool AsFunkeytown, so I think Disney still has some room to grow artistically. Yes, the build-up to Infinity War and Endgame was fun and sustaining, but after dipping their toe in the Might Morphin’ waters MARVEL & Disney best have the juevos con carne to finally introduce the MegaZord to the MCU like we’ve all been waiting for. If not, I’m out, and I’ma take my VHS recording of the time the Power Rangers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fought ACTUAL CRIME crime together with me (PRiS S1, E4, don’t @ me casuals).


The BLOODSHOT movie trailers debuts!

Well, that was violent.

Okay so I just got done watching the Bloodshot trailer and I gotta say, I’m excited. I’m no Vin Diesel fanboy, but after watching this trailer it seems like the only other dude who could play a good Bloodshot would be young Steven Seagal without the brain injury.

I’m not going to say whether I would actually like a movie like this, but I’m gonna say this one makes some cold hard quiche at the box office. A common complaint these days is movie trailers tend to show too much of the story, and this trailer appears to reveal a great deal as well. Fortunately it presents enough fun ideas and stops just short actually telling where it’s headed, unlike The Last Witch Hunter trailer, which spoiled the fact that the movie would be boring garbage.

I’m as excited as far as this being a Valiant comics property that is coming to the big screen. It’s nice to see one of the less powerful publishers get their stories out there to stir up the overflowing pot of superhero media. I’m not sure how true this will be to the source material, but it’s a foot in the door, and it’s gonna be a popcorn seller.


The FINAL Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer is Here!

My goodness. It feels like ever since The Last Jedi came out the Star Wars fan-base has been torn asunder by their opinions on how Disney has handled the property. Sure the strength of Kylo’s  character has been inconsistent. Yeah, Rey is kind of an uninvolving Mary-Sue. Yes, the plot to ROTJ was essentially “hey that gun is bigger than the previous one!?,” but heck, JJ Abrams is back!

Truthfully I’m not sure where this series is heading. This movie is a conclusion to a trilogy that has more of a Pirates of the Caribbean rep/feel than something elegant & designed for a more civilized age, but dudes, there’s like $300 million behind this tater so it’s gonna be successful regardless. All I can ask is they don’t botch it (because my Disney stock is less than 51%).


A New Avengers Game Revealed at E3!

At this year’s E3 a lot of folks were eagerly awaiting any kind of details on the Avengers video game that was announced some time ago. Crystal Dynamics (a developer belonging to juggernaut Final Fantasy developer/publisher Square Enix)  finally showed their hand at last week’s conference  with a shiny new trailer for their mysterious project.

And the results were….good? Fine-ish. It’s hard to tell. The character models of Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America seem more akin to “Office Space Avengers” than MARVEL’s The Avengers, and the reaction was iffy. But after the resounding success of PlayStation’s 2018 Spider-Man game, excitement is still high. Evidently Captain America dies almost as soon as the game starts (spoilers? it’s in the demo so whatever), so it won’t be whatever version of the squad that we’re used to seeing. That’s good? Or it isn’t. We don’t know, but we do know the game starts in San Francisco so that’s f-u-u-u-n*.

RIP  Pocket Protector Captain America.

*I hope? There’s so little to go on here. Given what I know about the homeless situation in that city it may not be.


TRAILER – Blacksad: Under the Skin

Woweee! I had no idea a Blacksad game was brewing prior to this trailer bubbling up to the surface after its release last week.

This is  a story trailer, and it does a good job of laying bricks for a proper Blacksad world. Unfortunately for us, pretty much no other information exists about the game itself at this point. Is it a narrative based decision-maker like the lauded Telltale Games games that brought us the acclaimed The Walking Dead series, The Wolf Among Us, and TT’s Batman? Or will it be the next big AAA game akin to Assassin’s Creed or LA Noire (nope)? A sequel to Solitaire™ perhaps?

Regardless, I’m excited to see what news comes next for this game. Mainly due to my I love of John Blacksad and the hard-boiled yet vivid noire world he lives in (more importantly: so does Mike), but also because I’ve never heard of the developing company, Pendulo Studios. This whole thing is one big mystery. Classic Blacksad.


Happy Free Comic Book Day!

Between Captain Marvel, SHAZAM!, and Avengers: End of the Stuff, the past two months’ve been almost unprecedented for comic book fans of all ages. Now add in Free Comic Book day that lands on May the Fourth, and we have something of a comic book Haley’s Comet …or Blood Moon, depending how you feel about goings on.


In any case, we hope everyone finds or discovers a new comic that they’ve never tried  before! Heck, maybe take a shot on one of these indie MARVEL nickelodeons that all these movie fashionistas keep talking about on the deep web there.


The Joke’s (Up)on Us!

Boy-howdy was I ever surpised by this gem of a trailer!

I’d been casually following the progress and announcements that came out since The Joker began filming. My initial reaction was of fear and worry considering DC’s track record is iffy in theaters lately, and The Joker represents a drastic departure from that failed DCEU nonsense, and a more “Elseworlds” approach to DC’s cinema strategy going forward.

Well… perhaps I should have more faith? This trailer is the bomb-diggity. We all know Joaquin Phoenix is chopped (chopped: verb – to be in possession of Chops), and what we see here appears to be a rare view into the birth of the Joker character -rather than a “traditional” movie in the superhero genre- and a spanking-good one at that. After everything I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised at the quality of the trailer though -  DC’s thrived for years telling stories in isolated universes across all forms of media, and maybe taking a similar approach to film as they have to Animated TV, Live Action TV, and Direct-to-DVD will echo a similar quality of storytelling and critical reception.

My biggest concern going forward is director Todd Phillips. Phillips is probably the most accomplished American comedy director short of Adam McKay over the past 15-ish years, but this is clearly not a comedy, and Phillips himself described it as a character-study. This seems like a risky venture in many ways for DC, but so far I like what I see. Mr. J’s laugh rocks too.


Captain Marvel Hype!

Ultimately the greatest coup of the new millennium is MARVEL seizing the moniker of DC’s Captain Marvel for their own, and relegating DC’s hero to “SHAZAM” status. While it may be fitting that both movies come out in the same year, the hopes of the general public remain higher for Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel, if you nasty), which hits theaters March 8th.

I am happy to report that Shaquille O’Neal remains unaffected by any the SHAZAM/Captain Marvel beefs, despite being the rightful holder of KAZAM, Superman, and Steel which is truly unparalleled and something that deserves our respect. Even yours.


Happy Christmas, Harry!

That’s a Sorcerer’s Stone reference, I just hope someone got that. Anywaaaaays ’tis the season for ranking things in lists and asking for gifts.

We’re not doing either of those, though, instead here’s a heartwarming trailer for Once Upon a Deadpool, as well as everyone’s other favorite Christmas staple, Aquaman (please don’t suck)! Happy Holidays!

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