MCS Potluck Featuring Elfquest’s Richard Pini

Saturday, June 24th is’s (reminder: get this number from Mike tomorrow)th’s annual*  Potluck. We have the great pleasure of being joined by Richard Pini, so dress nice for once gosh darn it.

The party runs from 11am – 3pm. Please note: at 2pm sharp we will be holding a moment of silence for your waistlines.


*(bi-annual? I think we did it twice once**)
**(“twice once,” does that count as an oxymoron?)



Heeeeey so it sounds like everyone’s taking to this Wonder Woman film so far. I had a hot tip from a guy at DC corporate who said it wasn’t great, so it’s nice to know I should never listen to him.

Looks like the next superhero movie up to the plate is Spider-Man: Homecoming. Yahtzee!


Netflix Announces Witcher Series

I know this is mainly a comic book place for comic book people doing comic book people things, but I thought this deserved to be shared. Anyone who’s played any of the Witcher games, or read the books the games are based off of knows this is good news.

I don’t like high fantasy. Never have. Which is good, because while Witcher is certainly high fantasy (mixed with heavy European folklore), but this Witcher guy, Geralt of Rivia, is also the closest thing to medieval Batman ….outside of whenever DC sent Batman back in time. No parents (it’s not complicated), he has a semi-adopted child (it’s very complicated), and his ability to relate to people on a personal level is lacking (not as complicated as why Batman can’t). The depth to the Witcher stories are the real selling point too. Everything and everyone has a story, and every story presents tremendous conflict of what is right and what’s wrong. It’s compelling, and sometimes there are unicorns.

Do yourself a favor and get your seat at the table, people.
Heck, Dark Horse even puts out Witcher comics, so ask Mike about ‘em.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 6.52.00 PM

X-O Manowar #1 Trailer

Well, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is X-O Manowar is a fantastic comic. Truly great. The bad news is you won’t need to read the comic if you watch this trailer. Ya’know how all our favorite trailers are the ones that give the entire story away, rendering the actual text/media useless? No. We don’t because we’re not rotten curmudgeon-people. Jesus, that’s annoying. Hate that crap.



Advance Review: X-O Manowar #1

Written by: Matt Kindt
Pencils & Inks by: Tomas Giorello
Colors by: Diego Rodriguez
Letters by: David Sharpe

When Mike asked me to conduct the advanced review for the newest volume of X-O Manowar, I confessed I hadn’t kept up with Valiant at all. I’ve never read a bad book by them. I’ve never even read a Valiant comic that was just OK. It’s a fledging company that creates good books day-in and day-out, but symptomatic of any publisher without 20+ years of continuance, it can be hard to worm one’s way to the top of the pull lists of the masses. I read the first volume of X-O following Valiant’s re-launch in 2012. It was good. Very good. But (recurring theme), I didn’t want to compromise the slots on my pull-list occupied by bigger publishers to make room for it going forward. Balls.

What immediately strikes me upon reading the 2017 model of X-O Manowar is the incredible resemblance to Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic’s opening run on Thor from 2012. The aged, bearded, and battle-scarred Aric of Dacia is no longer on Earth, missing an arm, and has grown tired of war. The artwork is stunningly reminiscent of Ribic’s. But that’s where the similarities end. Why? Aaron and Ribic’s work on Thor was tremendous – but this is better.

Angry guy right here

Angry guy right here

The relationship between Matt Kindt’s pen and Tomas Giorello’s pencil is something to behold. There’s tremendous conflict brewing in this comic, especially personal conflict within Aric. It’s subtle, it’s brewing, and it’s never truly clarified with exposition. The simmering turmoil and the ache with Aric for war is there, no matter how resigned and mundane his actions are, or contradictory his words may be. War is part of his character (fun fact: it’s also in the title of the book), and it takes little time for it to reach his farmland.

Kindt crafts a world that’s striking, not because we know little about it, but due to it’s familiarity and Aric’s relationship with it. It’s a simple-enough medieval/sci-fi mesh of a planet featuring the brutal machinery and savagery of battle, in short - something we’ve all seen before. Aric too has seen this tale told time and again. War never changes, and the audience and protagonist seem to be the only one who realize it. This is the driving force, not only in the narrative, but in the relationship between the reader and Aric. Whether you’d like to see him go back to his farm when the battle ends or take the helm in the next fight, there’s a goal you’re pulling for Aric to achieve throughout. So much so that when the inevitable cliffhanger came, I was angry. I needed to see the next page. Kindt and Giorello are, frankly, dicks.

Giorello’s work deserves an incredible amount of credit. Every panel in the book matters to the story, and it’s all beautifully rendered. The similarities between his and Ribic’s work are eerie in the best way possible. It’s finely detailed but also not perfectly clean as some of the rougher line-work remains on the page. Diego Rodriguez’s often sun-bleached colors also call back to a mix of Ribic and Dean White. The only possible complaint I could think of would be a lack of facial variation, but again the comic is largely about war, so I don’t expect to see many smiles or thoughtful looks.

The real task for Valiant is not to create great comics, but to create great comics that you want to continue reading. It needs to inspire a reader’s personal investment in the Valiant Universe. By that measure this book emphatically succeeds. I just hope I’m not stupid enough to forget how great it is when the inevitable Deluxe Edition is solicited. There’s that pesky recurring theme again.

Riverdale Wins Murray Approval

I’ve always thought Archie seemed like what happens when a Family Circus strip merges with the Cosmopolitan magazines your weird aunt read when you were a kid.  I should also admit I’ve never actually read Archie, and am always looking to take another shot at Family Circus.

Welp, it appears I’m wrong. Mike wrote me an email today, hands furious, brow dripping droplets of sweat teetering on either brow, and mouth half open with such a level of saliva the computer can be seen as a reflection. I imagine. He believes Riverdale is the new “jazz cigarettes” and that we should all be participating. I haven’t watched it, but the Murray Seal of Approval is Agawam’s Pulitzer, so we ought take notice.

I think I’ll attempt episode one tonight; I certainly don’t want to be the last 13 year-old-girl on the block without the unofficial Riverdale Wiki app on my iPad.


Spider-Man Ho-Ho-Homecomeing Trailer

Happy Holidays, everyone! The new Spider-Man trailer was released last week, and it looks just how’d you’d expect a MCU Spider-Man trailer to look. I’m still waiting for the new Spider-Man PS4 myself, but anything helping me with a Spider fix isn’t a bad thing.

To the fans of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, is Peter’s friend in the trailer Ganke? Legos and all?



If nothing else, war seems to be good for comic book sales. And now Valiant is putting out a teaser for a war of their own.

Who’s involved in the war?
Where did the war come from?
Is this because I don’t recycle?
Why is recycling so tedious?

Valiant has promised to answer all of these question and more!


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