AMC Releases Trailer for “Preacher”

It may not be about zombies, meth or zombies on meth*, but AMC just dropped the trailer for their upcoming “Preacher” series based on the critically acclaimed comics by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon of the same name. The release date is still up in the air, but the description of the video says it’ll air sometime mid-2016.

Feel free to comment on whether you’re excited, aloof, or an internet spammer looking for our credit card information!




*personal side note; buy voice recorder, then record idea for show about zombies on meth


Marvel Re-Launch: 5 Comics I’m Looking Forward to

Starting this month, Marvel is rolling out its latest catalogue-wide relaunch, and it appears to be somewhat of a yearly occurrence now for Marvel. In 2013 we had Marvel NOW!, in 2014 there was All-New Marvel NOW!, and this year we have All-New, All-Different Marvel. I’m a little apprehensive to purchase any of the new comics, lest they be cancelled for next year’s rebranding to All-Current Pumpkin Spice Marvel with Lime, but the excitement remains. While these are just some of the comics that I’ve ordered in Previews, they are the new series I’m most excited about. Which is why I spent a solid hour sardonically lambasting them. I kid!



Invincible Iron Man

Marvel’s had a tough time finding the creative team capable of making comic book Tony Stark as popular as silver screen Tony Stark. Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen tried their hand, yet the financial windfall remains evasive. About evasive as the millennial child who would prefer the still page of a comic to a sound and color display of lasers and violence that is their television. If such a child who prefers the written word to the shouted one (that’s quickly followed by an awesome explosion) exists, the quick, witty writing of Brian Michael Bendis and the sleek detail of David Marquez’s artwork ought to find that little weirdo.

Tony's latest Iron Man suit now outfitted with the latest technology: toes.

Tony’s Iron Man suit is now outfitted with the latest technology: toes.

Bendis specializes in interesting dialogue, which projects well with the Tony Stark snark. It’s also the reason why his recent runs on Uncanny and All-New X-Men were worth buying. Ultimately, nothing of consequence occurred in either series, but you didn’t notice, did you? You were too busy worrying about Emma Frost’s latest zinger towards young/not dead Jean Grey. Imagine that, but with Stark laying verbal burns on Windows Phone users every month and you have the newest Iron Man series.


All-New, All-Different Avengers

It takes some juevos to do what Marvel is doing with the launch of their new flagship Avengers comic. They’ve reached the pinnacle of success with their movies featuring the conventional lineup of Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, etc., only now to tear everything down and start from scratch. Love the Hulk? Get ready for Female Thor who’s currently dying of cancer! Can’t get enough Captain America? Here comes younger, less interesting Captain America, who can also talk to birds! Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? Great! Now there are three of them, and two just literally witnessed the destruction of their respective universes. As well as presumably everyone they know and love. Perfect for crime fighting!

Marvel's bold new direction: unpopular characters

Marvel’s bold new direction: unpopular characters

Proponents will argue by doing away with the customary Avengers line-up, Marvel has the opportunity to showcase a more diverse cast of heroes & heroines, which is true. But that also means you’re giving significant paper to a goofy-looking android with feelings, and a Native American caricature –ahem- character I’ve never heard of. Consider this: three members of the team have been around for less than a year, while Red Wolf (just looked him up) dates back to 1970, yet he’s still the least popular of them all. Not exactly a confidence builder.


Dr. Strange

Marvel’s set to release the highly moderately possibly anticipated Doctor Strange movie next year, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, he of Star Trek: Into Darkness (published two years ago), Sherlock (five years ago) and The Hobbit (original release: 1937). So while it’s safe to say Marvel is always on the cutting edge of what’s new and hip, next year’s film demands a comic to go with it.

Doctor Strange - by Chris Bachalo

Doctor Strange – by Chris Bachalo

Enter Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, the men tasked with creating a comic about a character so popular, so relevant, that he …hasn’t had an ongoing title since 1996. That may seem like a harsh way to judge the launch of the title, but it’s not. Harsh would be to say that until now, America’s wanted to watch Manute Bol and William “The Refrigerator” Perry fight each other in a contest of sadness more than they’ve wanted a Doctor Strange series.

I did, however, love when the two creators teamed-up on the first issues of Wolverine and the X-Men, so all hope is not lost.



Following the success of the Netflix’ Daredevil, the upcoming comic is presented as a darker, more ground-level storytelling approach than the previous volume. Which is good, because the market for stories about disabled crime-punching lawyers is pretty flooded, so Marvel is staying ahead of the curve by changing things up. And by “changing it up”, I mean going with the same tone utilized by BMB, Frank Miller, Ed Brubaker, and almost every other well-known DD story. This darker outlook, as any emo worth their salt knows, calls for darker threads as Matt Murdock will dress more like his Netflix incarnation. He’ll also share rooftops with a sidekick that Daredevil may or may not have found in Chinatown. Edgy!

Those bandages on his fists were white before all the punching

Those bandages on his fists were white before all the punching

It’d be hard for anyone to follow Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s recently wrapped-up run on Daredevil. The series was something of a contradiction: fun yet poignant, artful yet accessible. Marvel made in interesting choice by selecting Charles Soule to be Matt Murdock’s next wordsmith. When Soule isn’t writing comics, he’s a full-on lawyer, which is a nice start. I am, however, still left wishing they went the all-in and enlisted a blind, orphan to draw the series. It would’ve shown some real dedication to authenticity. Here’s hoping Marvel brass at least makes a half-hearted attempt to throw toxic goo in artist Ron Garney’s eyes and murder his parents.



For a long time Marvel’s Illuminati consisted of the universe’s top tier (and Namor) heroes coming together and trying to guide the world into a peaceful coexistence. They did a pretty terrible job.

I don't know who any of these people are

I don’t know who any of these people are

A gang of villains has since taken over this behind-the-curtain club, led by the Hood, but their goals are much more narrowed.  They don’t care about large-scale nefarious plots; they just want get rich and not get caught. It’s an admirable premise that I can get behind. Why have a quality over quantity business model when you can just haul in the dough with a quantity over everything approach? Why bother plotting smart moneymaking schemes when you can rehash some old bits for some quick cash. This is all superfluous though, I’m sure Marvel will just shut the series down after six issues, reboot it and slap a shiny “Super Fresh, Totally Recent Illuminati #1.” I think I misplaced my subtlety halfway through that.


The meaning of Memorial Day is not lost on me. It is the day set aside to remember the uniformed men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice and passed in service to our country.

I make sure to acknowledge every Service Member and Veteran on this day. In an all volunteer Military, the simple fact that they’ve made the decision to serve means they’ve made the desicion to give everything, if they should. With the longest war in US history in Afghanistan recently, this thought had to have been forefront in the minds of many of the volunteers.

Michael R. Murray, VA-75, NAS Oceana, 1987

Michael R. Murray, VA-75, NAS Oceana, 1987

While my squadron was involved in a combat mission, I had the ‘pleasure’ of serving during peacetime. I was present for the death of a sailor during an accident, not involved in combat or training, yet it doesn’t diminish his efforts to make a better life for someone else at the time.

During World War II nearly everyone served in some capacity. In Vietnam there were less volunteers and we were drafted. There was no draft for Iraq or Afghanistan. The Military presence seems more segregated, or much less universal than it was, with a growing number of citizen’s having no firsthand knowledge of what it is to serve. That does not mean they are any less patriots, or proud, of their nation. Their ability to make their choice is the reason I, and everyone else, chose to serve.

My wife encouraged me to follow my passion with our participation in the comic book industry, as it were. If your passions lie in this direction, if comic books offer you a little respite and peace, your choice to serve has earned you anything you regularly subscribe to completely free this week. You may be living but I will forever acknowledge and honor your choice to serve, by doing what I can at this point in my life.

Thank you for your service! For those who have passed, I will never forget. For those who have not, I will be eternally thankful and appreciative.



Secret Wars has begun

secret warsMarvel’s Secret Wars has begun and things will never be the same again!

I know that’s an often used statement in comics, yet it looks to be true in this case as Marvel Comics, much like it’s counterpart DC, is shaking things up completely. Marvel is mashing everything together to relaunch, or redo, their entire line of comics. Out goes history. Out goes continuity. Out goes everything we know about anything we thought we knew about Marvel Comics and it’s entire line of characters.

Regular subscribers were invited to a launch party to celebrate the beginning of the end and you too can be here for some cool give-aways and fun times by simply becoming a part of our community.  I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities as Marvel kicks off a new era post Secret Wars.

Last night featured food and much discussion concerning the future as there’s not much known about what’s coming or what Marvel’s endgame is.

We’ll find out!

FCBD is Almost Here!

Please join us for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 at the Greenfield Garden Cinemas in Greenfield, MA for a very special showing of Avengers: Age of Ultron at 8:45 AM.

$7 admission will get you into the showing with a drink and popcorn!

After the movie, you are welcome to join us in the lobby from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM, where we will be able to meet comics professionals:

This is as happy as Steve gets.

This is as happy as Steve gets.

Stephen Murphy (Puma Blues, Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


Mark Masztal (Dog’s O’ War, Nomad)

Casey Coller

Casey Coller

Casey Coller (Transformers)


Mike Kelleher of Kellustration (Marvel Masterworks, Miracleman, Archie Archives, Little Nemo in Slumberland).


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